Hi, this is the official website of Hermann Josef Hack, German artist.

I am a painter, painting every day. There are things that cannot be expressed but by painting. Art is to change what you expect from it. So I paint on tarps, I get from factories. My paintings can be shown not only in white cubes but nearly everywhere. I showed them in refugee camps or in the streets, not only to visitors in galleries and museums.

Art is one of the oldest and most intensive means of communication.

We live in a never ending process of global change. Mankind has triggered the process of climate change that can now be seen by everybody. We need transformation. As climate change is a cultural issue, the solution can only be found by means of culture. The arts are free. Art is not to explain things, but to get visions and find new ways of solutions.

I invite you to have a look at my artwork and be part of the GLOBAL BRAINSTORMING PROJECT.”

Hermann Josef Hack

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